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An occasional blog about the ups and downs of the voice over world

Accidental Junkie

Way back in January, I was very kindly offered my very first ADR job for the exciting new BBC drama Vigil. For those who

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Putting Words Into My Mouth Your Honour

Who does that thing where they’ve heard a word but for some reason you’ve never said or had occasion to spell it?

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The Silent Negotiator

Why is it the minute I go away on a wee break I became very popular?

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Last week I went to the doctor because I was having a wee vocal problem.

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Voice from Dog

I think that most Dogs have voices even if they sometimes come through an owner who understands and translates.

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The Sequel

So here we are with sequel to the Christmas blog 'The Silent Negotiator'

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A Dark Night

My new garden studio ‘The Bothy’ has been great, the nice evenings, sun still shining, dog pottering about the garden.

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The Best Worst Man

I was once asked by a very close friend to be the ‘best man’ representative at his wedding.

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